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We are the manufacturer of air springs, our factory is located in Bursa and our sales and marketing headquarter is in Istanbul.
We have 9 years of sales and manufacturing experience.
Produced and released in Turkey exporting quality products at any time and the desired quantity to many countries.
To the maximum extent to meet the demand for our products, the company's plant has been producing and developing various modifications airbags. We have over 650 types of air springs in our range and we have our own R&D department therefore we can create a new item in 2 weeks time.
Our slogan for quality is “%100 OE Quality” because we create and manufacture an air spring by testing first of all to an OEM air springs such as Loading Test, Burst Out Test, Life Cycling Test.
Due to this result from these tests, we follow and apply the same method in producing our air springs.
Pneumopillows of New Ride air springs differ consistently high quality, as are made from high-tech materials and new technologies are internal testing for compliance with the specified characteristics.
We have 19 presses based on hot water system therefore our vulcanization gives us homogenius vulcanized in  result than electricity.
There are 2 main raw materials in air spring production;

  • Natural Rubber
  • Cord Fabric

OEM brands and NEWRIDE Air Springs use the same sources for supplying these raw materials and we apply the same methods in production.
We never use Chinese Raw Material.
Our Test Applications;

  • Leaking Test %100
  • Corrosion Test
  • Rheometer Test
  • Physical Mechanical Test
  • Strength Test
  • Density Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Ozone Resistance Test
  • Cord Fabric Physical Mechanical Test
  • Loading Test
  • Burst Out Test
  • Product Life Cycle Test

We hope to see you one of valuable customers, we remain...
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NEWRIDE AIR SPRINGS is one of the leader global supplier of air springs serving aftermarket and also industrial applications with more than 780 different types in its range.
  We have 300.000 pes.of air springs annual production capacity right now. This capacity can be increased upto 500.000 pcs. in 3 months time.
  Our factory located in Bursa Demirtas Industrial Area.We have 45 employees total. We have 9 years of production and sales experience in Air Spring Business Therefore Newride is established for providing the customers expectations at best level with best price and %100 original quality

There are four types of air springs in NEWRIDE AIR SPRINGS production;

Rolling Lobe Air Springs; are usually used in buses.light commercial vehicles. trucks and trailers.Owing to the special rubber compounds. all air spring types operate accurately at temperatures from -40"C to +70"C. For different various application areas, they have different assembly heights.operation pressure intervals. operation spaces. loading capacities and working frequencies.
Convoluted Air Springs; are used in a large variety of application areas. Mostly they are used in industrial pneumatic applications as pneumatic lifting cylinders or in vibration isolation as spring elements.
Cabin Air Springs; reduce the vibration levels of the cabin and their ride height and
stiffness can be changed to adjust for different cabin loading or road conditions.
Seat Air Springs; are designed to provide more comfortable ride for drivers. Seat air springs decrease driver's fatigue level by changing the hardness or resiliency of the seat caused by running conditions of the motor vehicle.


Our Mission
-To Produce % 100 OE Quality Air Springs
-To Use Top Technology in Manufacturing
-Fast Delivery
-% 100 Customer Satisfaction
-Best Customer Service
-Professional Sales&Marketing Mentality
Our Vision
-To Become The Best Manufacturer With Best Price and Best Quality in Aftermarket Sector
-To Have One Distributor in Each Country

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